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Philip McCarthy (Irish Film writer/director) asks for funds for new Irish Film "Ripped Apart&qu

Philip McCarthy is a local film writer director producer living in cork city rep of Ireland, he is trying to raise money to fund his next production, its a feature film that bring's Irish and english soccer fan's back to Feb 1995 in Dublin where soccer fan's on both sides of a friendly game turned into a nightmare on that eventful night , but in the time of despair love can be found. The funds raised will be used to hire film equipment and pay cast and crew and for location cost's etc. He is hoping to start filming this production in the middle of 2017. Film directing is his passion and its everything to him and this movie will be in memory of someone who was very close to him and a very talented actor who sadly passed away and wanted to be part of this production. To make this feature film he needs the backing of every film buff out there. He unfortunately doesn't have the means to go ahead with this production so he is relying on generosity of everyone to make this happen. He would be very grateful to anyone who can help in anyway. GO FUND ME LINK -----

PHILIP MCCARTHY'S FILMING BACKGROUND Philip first appeared in a school production of ‘Treasure Island’ in 1987, he played the main role, Black Dog. This was followed by a play called ‘Rude Peasant Type’, and then a production of John B. Keane’s ‘The Field’. He took on the main role of ‘Bull McCabe’ and subsequently received an award for his performance. He went on to act 3 or more other films before becoming a writer and film director. After doing two years of Theatre & Performance, he then turned to writing. He wrote a play called ‘The Dark Room‘ which would go on to win three awards at the Dramfest 2007, including the Beckett Award for best script.

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