Bray rapper "Ste Byrne" changes name and drops new music video

For the people who don't know who Ste Byrne is or what he means to the Irish Rap/Hip hop movement l will encourage you to listen to this project entitled "Hello Morning, Hello World" first.

Ste Byrne has been releasing music under his real name until the last music video he dropped yesterday. Most of his fans didn't see it coming, he just announced on his facebook page a day or two before he dropped the music video.

l must admit it took us something like 5 minutes to realise "Judas ll by Lawriii Craic" was his music video he had promised to drop. The confusion was caused by the name change....the moment we realised he changed his name we reached out to him to ask why he decided to change his name. The Irish rapper had this to say...

..It's kind of an evaluation of where I'm from , In bray we say what's the Craic Larry like we say man or bud or mate. The awriii is how we say alri phonetically. The three i's represents the three eyes we posses....then of course the Craic part just means Craic, it's not as complex ...just bringing the Craic with me hahah...I think Larry Craic just seems more suited to this sound of music..And that's what ever sound the music makesBecause it's all just my story of where I'm from...

When asked about the new music video and song Lawriii Craic said ..."The song and video is mainly about perception and trust. We perceive people differently than ourselves, we live afraid of trust because we commit ourselves. That's what the song is about".....


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