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"l wasn't proud of being black" says singer and songwriter Minnie Marley

Minnie Marley is a talented young lady and has been known in Ireland for doing music covers from artist like Rihanna and Tiara Thomas. In this interview Minnie Marley opens up about the real reason why she wanted to bleach her skin white. When asked why she wanted to bleached her skin Minnie replied "l wasn't proud of being black, l didn't like my skin colour..."

As an adopted child in a white family she started to question her skin colour and hated her skin colour and thats what drove here into thoughts of bleaching her skin completely white. The beautiful part is that she managed to get over the bleaching before harming herself. Plans of going to Nigeria are on the way to follow up on her singing career. She also touches the racism topic mentioning a few incidents she has come across in Ireland.


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