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"THE IRISH PRIDE" Conor McGregor Knocks-Out Eddie Alvarez At UFC 205 To Become 1st 2-Divis

The Son of the Irish soil hardly brings his fans all the way from the Irish land to the octagon in Madison Square Gardens for no reason. McGregor ran a circle around the mat, a victory lap of sorts before he even threw a punch. McGregor packed fans to the Madison Square Garden rafters and drove them into a frenzy as he packed a vicious punch against Eddie Alvarez.

Now, he's been crowned a two-class champ.

"What's next for me," McGregor bellowed inside the cage.

The easy answer: Whatever the "Notorious" one wants

But for us the Notorious Conor taught us one thing ....NEVER APOLOGISE FOR SOMETHING YOU EARNED.... This was heard after the match when he grabbed the mic and said..."I WOULD LIKE TO APOLOGISE TO NOBODY, I EARNED IT"....

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