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Sarah-Beth - Houston (Audio)

Sarah-Beth is a singer-songwriter combining soul, folk and hip hop. She first fell in love with writing and performing music at 8 when she began composing piano music. Writing songs felt like an escape from the pressures of classical music so it's what she spent more and more time doing. She decided to get her original music out there by busking in cork city and it was from a day out busking that she was approached by rapper "young phantom" . They began collaborating on music projects and performances which gave her greater exposure to the Irish hip hop scene.

Recently she's teamed up with Cork producer "bitch blackheart" on a collection of original songs where they've given piano ballads a hip hop edge. "Houston" is the first of the project. Influences include lana del rey, erykah badu and Billy joel.

You can also check another song from Sarah entitled "Rejection".

Review: Sarah has a unique voice and it stands out from most female artists, we can't wait to hear more music from her. We would love to hear a collaboration of her with Chris Power and YP, it could be something major. Enough talking from us....PLEASE ENJOY THE MUSIC AND DON'T FORGET TO SHARE...

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