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Mona-Lxsa - Mind Fxck llll (OUT NOW)

THE WAIT IS OVER!!!! After 5 months of waiting....the MIND FXCK IIII is finally out now. If you are not familiar with the MIND FXCK SERIES l suggest you go back from the start....MIND FXCK I, MIND FXCK II, MIND FXCK III and when you done play Part llll.

Mona-lxsa is a Co founder of Souletiquette and one of the most promising Female Djs in Ireland. She has played in many gigs around the country including the famous Taboo gigs in Cork City.

Anyways l guess the wait for the part llll was because Mona-lxsa is a perfectionist, she will never release a mix if she thinks its not 100%. Well listening to the mix we can all hear that this mix was well thought and lots of time was put into it...

Please enjoy the mix below and don't forget to share and look out for more from Mona-lxsa....

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