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King Flora AKA "Dude With Swag" Reacts to Deucey and Baby Blue's music video "The

First things first....We just came across this video on YouTube and we found it hilarious, we don't know who King Flora is but he is surely a funny guy. Anyways enough of that...lets get into the video.

King Flora starts by mentioning how Irish Hip Hop was great back in the day and goes on to mention a few amazing rappers that have once dominated the Hip hop scene in Ireland. According to the video ''Dude with swag'' classifies himself as one of the dopest rappers too, well that's for you to decide that.

King Flora critics Duecey ft Baby blue's music video in a hilarious way....DON'T FORGET TO SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS BELOW.

Anyways King Flora'S video LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ENJOY.....

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