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Cork City unites to bring Suicide Awareness |Dark Emotions| The Labtv Ireland

Despite the terrible weather conditions, the community of Cork came out to the Lough in support of the Suicide Awareness and positive thoughts. People gathered together and started the event by beating a huge drum all in one go - creating an emotional connection between people around the drum. To be honest l can't explain it better than the hosts - Gerard Banks and Lara Darby.

On their event page....Gerard Banks and Lara Darby wrote :

Messages in Water is a positive emotions event held annually at the Lough in Cork. Based on the teachings of Dr. Emotto’s water consciousness, group intention and to create a harmonious and supportive community in Cork. Messages in Water is a positive emotions community event to unite the greater community of Cork. To physically and symbolically show that is anyone is in a dark or negative place in life that there is a supportive community here who are happy to listen and help. Messages in Water is about bringing an awareness to suicide and the damage drugs are doing to families with many families loosing loved ones to suicide and drugs. So we aim to unite the community in the most positive way we can and to truly show that there are people out there who genuinely care. Messages in Water is a community educational platform as we listen to speakers and openly hold community health activities like dancing, yoga, tai chi, arts and craft etc.. We openly welcome all groups and individuals to get involved. Humanity has never been so divided with many people suffering and in dark places in life, we truly live in a world which needs more love and support, so this is a community event which in many ways is a celebration of love, support and unity. Messages in Water is also based on science, and the ancient spiritual sciences of Ireland, Buddhism and Shamanic Cultures. Based on the teachings of group intention, water consciousness and the transformative power of group consciousness. As The Lough is a Swan Sanctuary high up over Cork as we get everyone to surround the Lough holding hands combining the frequencies of our hearts and our united collective intention, we aim to send positive intentions and frequencies into the vibrational field of the water. With the Lough being connected by underground water springs to the waters of Cork we aim to send frequencies of healing intention and unity through the City of Cork.

In the theme of “Transformation through the frequency of love”. As this is a very symbolic and beautiful thing to do, we have chosen to hold the event this year at the Autumn Equinox as we look to invite all the schools of Cork and try to create Corks largest positive emotions and positive mental health event with all the schools of Cork taking part to re assure the youth of Cork that they are growing up in a healthy supportive community. Modern science now tells us that the highest form of health is being part of a supportive community. We welcome all families in Cork who have went through hard times and who have lost anyone through suicide and drugs. We welcome homeless people to let them know that we care about them. We welcome all schools, sports clubs and all health groups and clubs in the area of healthy lifestyles and positive mental health. Speakers on the night will include talks on Positive mental health, Native Irish Medicine, Water Consciousness, Suicide awareness, Shamanism, Irish Druids, Plant Medicine / Ogham, Sacred Irish Sites and places ect.. Full schedule and plan to be posted soon, please contact if you would like to talk or hold any workshop or group talk, the more the merrier United we will stand as a collective at one with nature in the intention and spirit of love, harmony, and for global peace. Awakening Ireland through love, unity, consciousness and beautiful intention. we would also love some of your ideas to make the day more special also, thank you..

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