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Weenz - Drinkin' At A Funeral (Official Music Video)

Drinkin' at a Funeral- The second song from the forthcoming album "Sick as my secrets" by Weenz. Based on the day of his Father's funeral and an alcohol soaked adolescence. Weenz is a rapper from Limerick City, Ireland - one of the small cities of Ireland and you hardly get such hip hop production there compared to other cities around Ireland..."You think l am lying??"

Here is what one YouTube comment say...been waiting for a seriously good limerick rapper and here you are, I truly love this song, I used to rap myself but just to pass time with the lads listening to this makes me want to take it up again, looking forward to the album....

What stands out from this track is the realness of his content as he describes his feelings and the events that took place during his father's funeral. Weenz goes on to tell us what he did to calm down and try to ease the pain, he tells us that his only remedy was alcohol and him and his friends drank their sorrows away till they drowning in alcohol (Pretty much wasted).

He also makes it clear that they just don't only drink in bad times only but also its part of the lifestyle and they binge drink at an early stage. Watch the video and enjoy.


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