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The Band Anna Full Interview with The Labtv Ireland

Best known for their radiant energy and incredible street performances, The Band Anna has taken Ireland by storm.

We had an opportunity to sit down with "The Band Anna" boys and get to know them a little bit more. The Cork City boy band explained from how they met, to who plays what - all the way to their ideal ladies. Of coarse we couldn't help but ask who Anna is and how she came about to be part of the boy band name. The Band Anna band are getting known around the country for their phenomenal performances and have appeared in a few public performances including the Clonmel Busking Festival.

When it comes to ..who is the craziest of them all in the Band.....YOU DECIDE ..LOL ....We know ours...LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW...

Find more of "THE BAND ANNA" music on the Links below: Youtube -- FACEBOOK -

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