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WHY DO YOU THINK LIFE IS CLASS ?? - PART 2 Street Question (with Bubba Shakespeare)

A lot of people had a blast with "WHY DO YOU THINK LIFE IS CLASS ?? PART 1", Well PART 2 had a surprise or should l say "an unplanned AMAZING performance by one of Cork City's Artist/Busker". While some people had a blast with PART 1, some found themselves inspired and moved to really think about what makes their lives CLASS and remember how worth their lives are. We had loads of messages from people but the one that truly stood out was this one:

"...Definitely, you are so cool! I haven't thought this kinda topic since when I lived in Ireland. You make me think why life is class. Also you make my life precious again. Im so glad to know you in here. Thx I'm literally so moved now..."

Special "thank you" to Bubba Shakespeare for collaborating with us on this project, But l am sure this is not the last....ONLY THE BEGINNING.....PLEASE ENJOY PART 2...

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