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GaniyuTLG - Dont Look Outside Ft. HUVA X CHILI (Music Video)

Don't Look Outside, who controls the nation, who controls the world? A release coming out of the Republic of Ireland (ROI), uniting African heritage with jameson Irish whiskey over a backing track played by Tunisian instrumental artist/producer Marwen Gobantini aka Lui Meme. Music, a tool that if used in the correct manner one is able to express not only emotions but personal views. We as Fellow Native Africans recognize the division that has and still occurs amongst the entirety of Irish people between Northern Ireland (NI). There is growing talks and conspiracies related to the New World Order (NWO) and about pollution pest control if you look outside. How innocent people are losing there lives everyday, the most recent, Istanbul Ataturk airport attack in Turkey. It is fascinating at the same time inhumane how people can easily turn blind eyes to the matter. While during the Paris terror attack there was a large outbreak to the extent that people colour coded there photos as sign of mourning. We as sane humans must zero down come learn to freedom harness, look to the stars and outside the wall's of our own ignorance. Think outside the box that evil controllers have build barriers stopping us from uniting in love, people, compassion and harmony.


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