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Dublin city meets Chicago in a collaborative project.

Dublin producer MathMan teams up with the legendary brothers The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble for ‘Hyp Hop’ – a golden era inspired collection of raw boom bap.

MathMan and the Hypnotic brothers first collaborated on the Animators 2013 hit 'Those Were the Days' – a creative energy was sparked between MathMan and the The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble which inspired this unique collaborative project. The new project ‘Hyp Hop’ shows us a new side to the The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble a side that has not been heard before on their previous solo work. What makes this project phenomenal is that MathMan focused on his beat production while the hip hop legends put the brass side momentarily to exhibit their love of hip hop and their natural flare and talent for lyricism with raw, authentic flows and wordplay.

On ‘Hyp Hop’, MathMan’s vivid production style inspires the canvas on which the HBE paint. Thematically HBE's social consciousness is clear on tracks such as ‘M.O.M’ and ‘True to Life’. Elsewhere, MathMan’s laid back production on ‘Gain It All’ and ‘Baji’s Interlude’ evokes tones of positivity and self affirmation. Darker themes are explored on ‘Milwaukee’ and ‘Streets’ whilst the true essence of hip hop is brought to life on lead single 'Where I'm From' (featuring DMC champion Dj Tuki) with raw lyricism and authentic boom bap production.

To complete the package, MathMan flips the collaborative process and re-works one of HBE's own productions in 'Navigator'. Here he turns their 2014 hit from the album 'Fly' into a colossal end of night orchestration. Sonically and thematically ‘Hyp Hop’ is a well rounded project that's conscious and introspective with a quintessential hip hop sound.

Track list -

1.Where I'm From Ft. Dj Tuki

2.Gain It All

3.True to Life

4.Baji 'Trust Yourself' Interlude




8.Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Navigator (MathMan’s Orchestration)

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