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What makes Chris Power one of the best Hip-hop/Rap producers in Ireland

The Cork City producer Chris Power just dropped a dope project via Bandcamp and the Cuttin Heads Collective. The project is entitled "WhytFaux: The Conman & Slim" and contains 23 tracks(beats) and they are all really good to spit on...l promise you that with the right rappers, those beats can be turned into classic hip hop tunes.

However there is a guest rapper on the project by the name of "Atari Jones" who has appeared on a few other collaborations with Chris power (including one of my favourite tracks from them called "Tales on the Terrace".

What really makes Chris one of the best to us is that :

- His beats are so mature and of great quality.

- Just listening to the beats makes you visualise a rapper spittin some heavy barz on the beats.

- His beats give you the feel of real old skool hip hop/ rap music.

- Chris Power is really original, his beats are different from the sound other Irish producers are producing.

Our favourite tracks in his project are...(4) - in luv, (5) - Burden, (11) - Tales Of The Terrace, (16) - Missin'(u) and (21) CandyBarrz (Feat. Atari Jones).


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