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Ovie - We Own The Night ft Katie (Official Music Video)

Here is a spanking new video by a Dublin pop singer Ovie. l know a lot of people know Ovie as one of the sickest music video directors in Ireland but only a few knew he could sing too. Ovie has directed music videos for Dublin artists including Marvin and others. But it wasn't after he directed a video for his first single "Broken record" that people in the music business esp in Nigeria started noticing him. Now his status as a music director has grown huge as he has directed music videos for big artists like Yemi Alade for her song "Temperature" that has been seen by more than 2 million people.

ANYWAYS...ENOUGH ABOUT HIS DIRECTING BIO, LET'S GET BACK TO HIS MUSIC...... Check his new single and don't forget to give us you thoughts on it...Enjoy

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