SG guillotine - Thank Me Later [ Prod by CELESTIALYT ]

SG guillotine is a 21 year old rapper from Kilkenny. "....I started writing my own music when I was 15..." Says SG. His inspiration for music comes from rappers like Tyga and 50 Cent. According to the Kilkenny rapper, his shows are always full of hype and his motive on stage is to make the crowd go wild.

"...If you come to my show you better be ready to get "two feet off the floor"!...- SG

Well you know we can't just leave it there right??


Well to be honest, He got a nice flow, lyrics are dope if you ask me. The beat is good enough and l think he went in on it.

The only problem is the "PRODUCTION"...the song quality took away a lot in this tune. If this song was professionally recorded, SG could be the topic of Irish hip hop / Rap.

With that being said, SG Guillotine is the future, he has what it takes. KEEP IT UP ...

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