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Jafaris - Lucid (Official Music video)

One of the things we love about Dublin rappers or underground artists from Dublin (Compared to others around Ireland) is that they also invest on a quality video. Some artists will have a great tune but never focus on coming up with a dope video. Enough about that...

When it comes to this new tune by Jafaris AKA Pro Found entitled "Lucid".....the beat is on point, Jafaris didn't lean on the beat to catch his audience but he made sure he fires hot lyrics. Bars are good we can't go deeper on them or else we might break them down wrong, The Labtv Ireland will try to get him to come break them down for us.

However the problem with these type of tunes in Ireland is that, people (the majority) in Ireland haven't copped on to it, they're into dance and trap tunes, something for the clubs... hopefully they will soon.

When it comes to the video...Great job done by TrueMotion production....PLEASE ENJOY IT LIKE WE ENJOYED IT......

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