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Young Phantom - In This Moment

Young Phantom (YP) is an Irish rapper who just recently dropped a great project entitled "In This Moment"..I know you're probably wondering ..WHAT MOMENT IS THAT..well we yet to find out..SOON...The Labtv Ireland is yet to sit down with the lad (YP) and the guys featured on the project. What guys? Let me list them for you. The features are Jay Ronic (you will soon get familiar with his name), Kid Influence (you probably heard of him by now, if not ....GOOGLE ), Kestine (He's one DOPE rapper but still procrastinating), and Wellington (not sure if l have heard his music either BUT..he is almost in every song on the project, that shows you that he is a pretty huge deal). Don't forget to rate the project..... ENJOY

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