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David Jackson - Light workers | Bars |The Labtv Ireland |Spoken word

David is a poet and is known for his writing skills and his Spoken Word we decided to put his rapping skills to the test, so we brought Dean to beat box and hear David comment below and tell us you thoughts...
We asked David what his inspiration was when he wrote "Light-workers" and this is what he had to say....."Its about everyone on the planet working to shift us to a new reality ....people like you (The Labtv Ireland) and Bubba working to give people new perspectives and views to help create a new world....most help comes from galactic beings ...."

La Familia Freestyle for The Labtv Ireland

The Labtv Ireland took a trip to Ennis AKA E-Town to meet up with La Familia, the guys that put Ennis on the map with their hit single..."B#tch I'm From E-Town" ...After the interview we asked for a freestyle and they gave us some BARS....Enjoy...

The LabTV Ireland - Trigger - Let Em Know (Live)

Irish Rapper Trigger gives us a taste of what his Album Triggernometry contains....#IrishRapper #IrishRap#StraightOuttaCork #TheLabtv #IrishTalent #Share #Like #Comment #HelpUsSupportLocalTalents#LocalIsMint #YoungVoice

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RED THE FUTURE - ‪#‎RawFreestyleSession

Freestyle dropped by the Waterford rapper "Red The Future" to promote their gig in 2016. Red the Future has dropped a single after this freestyle called "Lately" which got a lot of recognition through social media and other platforms.

KREO GHOST- #‎RawFreestyleSession‬

The Dublin artist dropped this freestyle in April as a promo for their show held in Waterford with his close pal "Red The Future". This freestyle is hot and is regarded one of the best freestyle in the Irish rap scene right now. Kreo Ghost is also a singer and recently featured on Red The Future's latest single entitled "LATELY". What a promising talent to look out for.....

LiL-T Freestyle with The Labtv Ireland

LiL-T is a Rapper from La Familia rap group, a rap group from Ennis, Ireland. La Familia became popular in Ireland with their hit song "B#TCH I'M FROM E-TOWN" which was sampled from MGK's track. 

Dylan - Homeless (The Labtv Ireland Live Performance)

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