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When you win I win

July 19, 2016

When you win I win.
I tap into that little seed of faith
you've sown and watered,
so I can sow my own seeds and water.

When you win I win.
your success reminds me of my personal aspirations and
 how much harder I need to work
because the end goal isn't riches
but the lesson achievement teaches.

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Glamrush Weekly

August 28, 2016

GlamRush Weekly is a blog with a mission to keep all ladies looking and feeling fabulous with the latest seasonal trends, make-up looks and lifestyle tips

Bitches I'm still in awwwwwwwww after the amazing experience I have had at Kerry Fashion week. It all started off with my amazing friend and fashion guru Orla O Shea (orlas oasis) picked me up for our road trip to Kerry. We were both really excited as it was our first time attending Kerry Fashion Week and also very excited to stay at the Europe Hotel and trust me when we arrived we were both blown away! 

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